We're proud to support Commissioner Pate’s bid for re-election. He has provided strong leadership for the Department of Agriculture and Industries. Commissioner Pate understands the challenges and opportunities farmers face, and he has been responsive to their needs. He provided leadership in establishing the Sweet Grown Alabama brand; strengthened the Farm-to-School program; and guided Alabama through supply chain disruptions related to the Covid pandemic. Commissioner Pate balances his responsibility to safeguard farmers and consumers with an understanding government works best when it gets out of the way and lets families and businesses thrive.
Jimmy Parnell
Alabama Farmers Federation President
He has been a tireless advocate for Alabama’s agricultural community. We are honored to stand with Rick in his bid for a second term.
Chris Isaacson
AFA president
Commissioner Pate’s business background has been a huge asset during his first term. Our members are honored to lend our endorsement to such a qualified candidate and we look forward to his reelection.
Jim Parr
P&CMA Board Chairman
It is vital that we have elected officials who are committed to growing Alabama’s reputation as a sweet home for business so that hardworking families across our state can thrive for generations to come. ProgressPAC is proud to support Rick Pate who is a pro-jobs leader and is dedicated to serving the people of Alabama in exemplary fashion.
Angus Cooper, III
ProgressPac Chairman
Commissioner Pate understands the role of the grocery industry and its importance to the economic development of the state of Alabama. State laws and regulations have a direct impact on our member companies, and I am confident he will continue to work with the grocery industry as a partner to better the entire agriculture community in Alabama.
Ellie Taylor
AGA President